"Coming Soon" Listings

Leverage the
Scarcity & Value of
Hot New Properties.

An Exclusive Lead Generation Program from CP Success

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Why use Coming Soon Listings?

For Your Sellers: Generate buzz for Listings by promoting them before they are officially released to the market. Establish buyer interest early and increase the potential for competing offers & maximum sale price.

For ALL Coming Soon Program Members: Even the biggest agents may not have many Coming Soon Listings. In this exclusive Private Membership program, all members share their Listings for maximum inventory. A dedicated Success Manager oversees the program and optimizes the best-performing Facebook & Google campaigns for everyone's benefit. You keep all the leads you pay for.

For YOU: ALL OF THE ABOVE! Coming Soon Listings provide MASSIVE scarcity and value! You'll attract and engage more VIP Buyers from hot properties, and gain market influence as the go-to expert for pre-market Listings.

Leverage the Power of Group Marketing

By sharing your Listings with other program members in your area, you broaden your reach and find buyers faster.

Your site is automatically updated with all shared Coming Soon Listings in your area, instantly maximizing your inventory and making you look even more plugged into the market. Recruit more VIP Buyers than your competition by having more access to hot new properties than your competition.

PLUS: You get all the leads generated from your own site! (After all, you paid for the marketing to bring them there.)

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Engage your VIP Buyer Leads with Hot New Listings

Get more responses from your leads

Coming Soon Listings are the PERFECT content for sharing through our SuccessEngage system, nudging leads and compelling quick response.

Tag interested leads in your MyLeads CRM to easily send messages and future listings. Create more live conversations by discussing their ideal listing criteria. Track their interest in various properties to fine-tune your message to their preferences.

Get notified when new Listings are shared with the network, so you can begin promoting them to your leads.

Tested and Proven lead generation campaigns

"Coming Soon" Listings is a private membership program overseen by a dedicated Success Manager. We promote Listings on Facebook and Google, and optimize the best-performing campaigns for everyone's benefit. You get ALL the leads from the ads you pay for, regardless of whether the Listings promoted are yours or from the shared network.

We're continually testing and monitoring campaigns across the membership to produce the most effective lead generation possible for all markets. We work with you to analyze your market and fine-tune the message for properties people are actually looking for.

Regular group calls provide updates and idea-sharing for all members.

Facebook's Lead Ad format produces leads with more accurate contact info than standard online ads.

All the lead generation work is done FOR YOU. All you have to do is follow-up with the leads!

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Track your Campaign Performance inside your website Command Center!

Got Coming Soon Listings? Get Onboard NOW!

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Applicants must have Coming Soon Listings to start,
and be willing to work together in this program.

(Upgrade fees added upon setup to the monthly fee for your current Success package. Extra fees may apply, including (but not limited to) budgeted advertising costs and/or domain names you buy. All the leads generated are yours alone.)