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Text Message Marketing

The New "Sign Call"

Capture more leads, increase your exposure, and dominate your market with Text Message Marketing. Leads can now text identifier keywords you set up (like “INFO”) to your EngageCRM phone number, and trigger automated Action Plan follow-up. You’ll get more leads with valid phone numbers!

Try it yourself!
Text “SMSLeads” to 657-222-2267.

Publish text messaging codes on:

  • sign riders (including SOLD and COMING SOON)
  • postcards, print ads, flyers
  • business cards
  • bus benches
  • ANYWHERE you want to capture more leads by text!

Send automated info for:

  • property listing details
  • open house schedules
  • special reports
  • website links
  • ANYTHING you want to promote!

Text “123MAIN” to 657-222-2267
to see the full details on this home!

Text “Privacy Policy” for terms.

(Example Sign Rider)

The possibilities are endless!

Text messaging is fast, convenient, and has incredible read & response rates.

Deploy tested and proven EngageCRM Action Plans from our marketing library, or build your own customized conversation sequence to nudge them to call YOU, ready to talk. Keep the conversation going with text, picture messaging, ringless voicemail, or even a phone call! Text messaging is a great way to get accurate phone numbers and introduce yourself before calling a lead.

Impress new seller clients with powerful technology to promote their home. Increase exposure in your market by leveraging sign riders and print. Get more follow-up replies and LIVE Conversations!

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