Agent Secrets: Connect with your Sphere of Influence for more referrals

Sphere of Influence is your collected relationships with the people in your family, circle of friends, and community. Anyone you have a regular interaction with, however infrequently, is potentially in your Sphere of Influence. This group of people is a tremendous source of referrals from people who really know you. But many agents dismiss these […]

Agent Secrets: Increase conversations with technology

Previously, we’ve talked about Conversational Marketing and the need to provide multiple communication channels for your leads. We left off with the challenge of tracking and maintaining conversations across multiple channels. If you don’t reply efficiently to lead responses, you may miss your opportunity to open a dialogue with them. Technology is a key element […]

Agent Secrets: Add multiple follow-up channels

How do we engage and have more personal conversations with prospects and clients without overspending, or burning trust with impersonal messaging? With more competition for attention than ever before, consumers have become really good at screening and ignoring messages. Traditional follow-up that promotes your business and services doesn’t connect anymore. You have to target your […]

Agent Secrets: Measure your marketing with ROAS

Strategically executed campaigns will drive lots of traffic to your website and generate significant numbers of leads. This is great, of course, but don’t take your eyes off the main goal — turning leads into business! Real Estate is tricky for advertisers because the sales cycle is long and most of the leads generated are […]

Agent Secrets: Ask the right questions to get more lead responses

Leads are often reluctant to respond to follow-up because they’re afraid of being sold. While you should always try to have a call-to-action in your messaging, a generic “call me if you have any questions” conveys a selling message and is not very effective except for highly motivated leads. One way to encourage more replies […]