Agent Secrets: Leverage a Team for more efficient follow-up

Your time is valuable and there’s only so much you can do every day. While following up with leads is an important part of generating business, routine tasks can often be better handled by delegating them to a team member. Even if you’re a solo agent without the resources to hire a full team, a […]

Agent Secrets: Create a follow-up workflow

Let’s face it: sometimes following-up with your leads is a chore. But communication is where you create business, so it has to be done regularly and consistently. An effective way to do this is to create a workflow that you complete on a schedule. When you block time for follow-up, you can stay on top […]

Agent Secrets: Understand the differences between Personalized and Mass Communication

When messaging your leads, you have a choice between Mass Communication (to all leads) and Personalized Communication (to specifically targeted lead segments). One is not necessarily better than the other. But each has specific uses, goals, and expected results you should know when making your choice. First, let’s be clear that Mass Communication as your […]

Agent Secrets: How to make more (successful) phone calls

It’s a cornerstone of Craig Proctor’s lead generation strategy — you must make every attempt to talk with leads on the phone. “Nothing replaces the call that you make,” he says. As effective as multi-channel follow-up might be, there’s no magic combination of email, text message, or voicemail that will get you to your prospects’ […]

Agent Secrets: Connect with your Sphere of Influence for more referrals

Sphere of Influence is your collected relationships with the people in your family, circle of friends, and community. Anyone you have a regular interaction with, however infrequently, is potentially in your Sphere of Influence. This group of people is a tremendous source of referrals from people who really know you. But many agents dismiss these […]