Special Support for COVID-19 – EngageCE UNLIMITED for 60 days

Released: Mon 27 Apr 2020.

In these uncertain economic times, Craig Proctor’s message to real estate agents is clear…

GAIN MARKET SHARE by ramping up lead generation and creating new conversations.

No matter the state of the market, your prospects need the information you can provide for them. Connecting and sharing your knowledge is the way to keep your pipeline full and be out in front when markets stabilize.

More conversations bring tremendous opportunities, but it can also be a tremendous amount of work. That’s why we developed the EngageCE Conversation Engine. It’s whole purpose is to help you create conversations, faster and more efficiently.

And now, to further support you during this crucial time, you can now get EngageCE UNLIMITED for a full 60 days.

  • UNLIMITED Conversations with new and returning leads. As long as they keep talking, you can keep talking. No more Nudge Anxiety.
  • UNLIMITED Calling. Call anyone, anytime. This supercharges your Call Assist to power through your calls.
  • Engagement Nudges to work your database, re-engaging older leads and clients into new conversations. We’re including 500/month with this offer.

And introducing these NEW EngageCE enhancements…

  • Video Meetings Channel. Scheduled meetings on Google Meet with one click.
  • Google Workspace Integration. Send through Gmail for better deliverability.
  • YouTube Integration. Easily embed video in pages and posts, with analytics in your Success dashboard.

Most members are already using EngageCE and QUALIFY IMMEDIATELY for this offer at no extra charge. If you’re not using it yet, you can get started today for just $4.

Get the full details here and Start Unlimited Today

The next 60 days are crucial to your business. Put EngageCE UNLIMITED to work now and make the most of them.

Committed to Your Success,
Stephen Raitt
President & Co-Founder
Success Real Estate Marketing / Craig Proctor SuccessWebsite