StayInContact AI Conversations – Changing Roles example

StayInContact multi-channel messenger‘s Conversational AI can help all the members of your team with their day-to-day communication and lead follow-up. Sometimes they’re busy with other work, on the go, or don’t know what to say next. StayInContact AI can save them valuable time and keep conversations from going stale.

This is way more advanced than simple follow-up templates. StayInContact AI actually reads the previous conversation history and suggests responses fitting your brand’s unique tone and messaging. It combines the power of ChatGPT with proprietary information based on our decades of digital marketing and follow-up experience.

Now, if you manage a team, different people may be chatting with your leads at different times, and each of them has different roles in your business.

Frontline customer service agents and Virtual Assistants (VAs) may handle the first contact follow-up to qualify leads and book appointments. Later in the selling process, you may want leads to speak with your sales agents, or contact you directly.

Obviously, these conversations each have a different “flavor” depending on the role of the team member involved. It makes sense that your AI messaging assistant adjusts its suggestions accordingly. And StayInContact does!

Let’s see it in action…

StayInContact AI Conversation example response to a lead

In the example clip above, the lead (blue chat bubble) hints they might be open to learning about a fabulous deal if one comes along.

When you click the AI button, StayInContact generates a response based on the previous conversation and the team Role you select. We generated two “Realtor” suggestions in this example. Notice that each of them uses “I” statements and language positioning you as the expert real estate advisor.

Before generating a third example suggestion, we changed the Role to Customer Service Agent. Notice how the language changes. It refers to the company and services available, and asks to book an appointment to qualify the lead.

Again, these are AI-generated suggestions, not templates. Occasionally, the language may need a slight tweak. You can easily click the button again to generate a different suggestion, and/or edit the message before sending. We can even adjust the underlying ChatGPT prompts to provide more specific types of suggestions. You always have full control over what gets sent.

The point is, StayInContact AI helps your team members model good communication, with correct spelling and grammar, without you constantly supervising their work. And when every conversation counts, it’s a valuable tool to have.

StayInContact AI can help all the members of your team with their day-to-day communication and lead follow-up. It’s included for all EngageCRM users, and Success members can also use it independently for a low monthly fee.

Get started with StayInContact today!