StayInContact AI Conversations – Bilingual response experiment

StayInContact multi-channel messenger‘s Conversational AI helps make your follow-up and communication faster and more effective. It can read your previous conversation with a lead and suggest a response fitting your brand’s unique tone and messaging. StayInContact AI combines the power of ChatGPT with proprietary information based on our decades of digital marketing and follow-up experience.

We continue to experiment with AI conversations, looking for new use cases. Recently, a client approached us with an unusual situation. A lead had responded to his follow-up messaging, but in Spanish instead of English. We wondered if StayInContact AI could suggest a response in the lead’s native language.

Check it out…

StayInContact AI Conversation bilingual response example

In the example clip above, the lead (blue chat bubbles) responded to the agent (green) asking if they speak Spanish and referring to a home in the local Mira Mesa area. How to reply?

By default, StayInContact AI wouldn’t automatically suggest a response in Spanish. This is because most of the previous conversation (the agent’s messaging) was in English, and the underlying AI prompt is in English too. We had to go under the hood and adjust the prompt, telling the AI to reply in Spanish. (Our Support team can adjust your AI too, if it isn’t consistently generating the type of messaging that fits your business.)

Here’s a translation of the AI’s suggestion, using the selected Customer Service Agent role: “Hello! Thank you for contacting us. We can help you find a home in Mira Mesa. May we schedule a call to discuss your needs and how we can help?”

Not a bad reply – it’s an effective nudge back to the lead. And knowing the AI was trained on vast amounts of data, we can be fairly confident the language is accurate. But this experiment got us thinking: how exactly should you use the AI here?

If it can generate grammatically correct responses in Spanish, should you continue your conversation with the lead in a language you don’t understand? Should you trust the AI to speak on your behalf?

We would argue NO to these questions. AI should be a tool to help with your conversations, not an automated chatbot that does all the talking for you. Personal conversation is the key to creating client relationships, and that’s not something you should outsource to a machine.

In this situation, maybe one way to proceed would be to get help from the AI to reply in the lead’s own language, to get their attention, but then try to pivot the conversation back to English. If the lead only speaks Spanish, you could still serve the prospect by arranging for a meeting through a translator, referring them to a Spanish-speaking partner, or respectfully bowing out.

In the end, this experiment is just one more example of how the unique capabilities of AI can help with your business, when used responsibly.

What do you think? Would you want a “respond in lead’s language” option in StayInContact AI? How would you respond to a lead in a similar situation? Leave a comment below!

StayInContact AI can help all the members of your team with their day-to-day communication and lead follow-up. It’s included for all EngageCRM users, and Success members can also use it independently for a low monthly fee.

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