StayInContact AI Conversations – Quick Response example

When a lead contacts you or replies to your follow-up messaging, you MUST get back to them as quickly as possible, while they’re still focused on you. And to keep the momentum of the conversation going, your response MUST be written in such a way that it nudges them to respond back.

This seems obvious, but it’s challenging when you’re on the go, in a hurry, or don’t know what to say next. It’s tempting to respond immediately with a one-word answer, or wait until you have more time later. But either of these can kill the conversation and make it that much harder to restart.

Our StayInContact multi-channel messenger has a new Conversational AI feature combining the power of ChatGPT with proprietary information based on our decades of digital marketing and follow-up experience.

The AI reads the previous conversation and pre-fills your messaging tool with a response fitting your brand’s unique tone and messaging. The suggestion can even include open-ended questions that prompt a reply.

Let’s look at it in action…

In the example clip above, the lead (blue chat bubble) responds to the agent’s (green) offer of priority access to unlisted pre-market houses for sale. When you click the AI button, StayInContact generates a response to the lead’s message. The AI understands that, up to now, the agent has been asking about home preferences, and incorporates that into the suggestion.

The suggestion also offers a helpful service (notifications of pre-market homes), and finishes with a question about scheduling a call. These nudge the lead to reply, continuing the conversation.

Note that, before clicking the AI button, you have the option to change the role the AI uses to generate its response. Here, it’s a simple customer service response. Changing the role to Realtor would change the tone and messaging to reflect the realtor’s expertise. (We’ll demonstrate that in a future example.)

StayInContact can help all the members of your team with their day-to-day communication and lead follow-up. It’s included for all EngageCRM users, and Success members can also use it independently for a low monthly fee.

Get started with StayInContact today!