StayInContact AI Conversations – Empathizing with leads example

Leads don’t generally turn into clients without conversation. It takes great communication skills to understand a lead’s personal situation, show empathy, demonstrate expertise, and build trust.

This can be challenging when you’re responding to messages on the go, in a hurry, or don’t know what to say next. It’s tempting to reply immediately with a one-word answer, or wait until you have more time later. But either of these can kill the conversation momentum and make it that much harder to restart.

StayInContact multi-channel messenger‘s Conversational AI can help! It reads the previous conversation and suggests a response fitting your brand’s unique tone and messaging. StayInContact AI combines the power of ChatGPT with proprietary information based on our decades of digital marketing and follow-up experience.

Here’s how it responded to a lead with a problem…

StayInContact AI Conversation example response to a lead

In the example clip above, the lead (blue chat bubble) admits they have a credit problem, as well as being worried about finding a place to move to until they can buy a home.

When you click the AI button, StayInContact generates a response. Incorporating the previous message, it expresses empathy with the lead’s situation and offers your services to help them find a temporary place to stay. It also asks for their preferred location and budget, nudging them to respond back. A response like this is highly likely to keep the conversation going.

Note how the AI is set to create messaging fitting your role as a Realtor. It speaks directly about the services YOU offer, in a friendly tone of voice. If the content seems slightly off, you can easily click the button again to generate a different suggestion, and/or edit the message before sending. You still have full control over your messaging.

Now, of course, we’re NOT saying that the AI actually feels empathy or wants to help the prospect. An AI content generator simply predicts the next likely word in a sentence, based on the data it’s been trained on. What the AI does is model good communication skills, suggesting a more complete response that might not come to mind when your attention is focused elsewhere. And when every conversation counts, that’s a valuable tool to have.

StayInContact AI can help all the members of your team with their day-to-day communication and lead follow-up. It’s included for all EngageCRM users, and Success members can also use it independently for a low monthly fee.

Get started with StayInContact today!