4 Ways Realtors Can Thrive In Uncertain Times

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Realtors everywhere are closely watching the pandemic’s impact on housing markets. These are uncertain times, and as patient as we’re all trying to be, uncertainty can eventually turn into anxiety about the future of your business.

We at Success are here to help. Here are 4 keys to weathering this (or any) crisis…

1. Be strong.

Whether economies rise or fall, Realtors perform an essential service. People will always need help finding homes and negotiating the complexities of buying and selling.

In the coming days, your services may be in even more demand from desperate sellers, cash-ready investors and buyers taking advantage of zero interest rates.

2. Keep advertising.

Craig’s position on this situation is clear…

You MUST continue with lead generation. 

On a recent call, he reminded everyone that there will be lots of opportunity on the other side of this, and you’ll need a full pipeline of leads to capitalize.

Our Marketing Support Team is keeping a close eye on what’s working and can help guide your lead gen campaigns. Your rep will have up-to-the-minute advice to offer in your continuing strategy calls.

3. Work your database.

With most of the world staying home to “flatten the curve”, this is a golden opportunity to reach out to your existing contacts when they have a lot more time to respond.

Send strategic content or even a personal message offering help. Not only will this engage dormant leads, it will help you keep your follow-up skills sharp. Share content through multiple channels. Time block and make more phone calls. You could even set up and promote Q&A meetings via Google Meet or Zoom.

These are productive activities in a world that’s starving for personal connection.

4. Use this time to prepare.

While the world is taking a pause (and your competitors are doing nothing), this is time you could use to:

  • Learn how to maximize your marketing systems.
  • Research different ways to serve clients.
  • Streamline your business processes.

We have a plan to provide you with additional education and content resources in the coming days. We’ll share articles, video, and live training to guide you in how to better use your SuccessWebsite platform and campaigns. Our Development team is also working on some exciting platform updates that we’ll be announcing soon.

Take the time to review these resources. You’ll become a better real estate marketer, and able to maximize Craig Proctor’s proven strategies online.

You can also make good use of this time to think of new lead incentives for your campaigns. Like all of us, consumers are just as uncertain of the future, and even more anxious. You can offer information to help them understand their options and know they’re not alone. This will establish the authority and trust that will continue to generate leads and clients for you.

Be strong. Keep advertising. Work your database. Prepare.

These are the keys to confidence in uncertain times. Work on this now, and when the crisis ends, you’ll be up and running and ready to respond, instead of getting run over like those who’ve stayed idle.

We appreciate your ongoing suggestions and feedback on our educational resources. Please contact us through our Support Portal at http://SuccessWebCare.com to let us know how we can support you through these challenging times.

Committed to Your Success,
Stephen Raitt