We’ve heard you – New Unlimited Calling & Unlimited Conversations

From Stephen Raitt, President & Co-Founder
Success Real Estate Marketing / Craig Proctor SuccessWebsite

I’m excited to announce a HUGE CHANGE for our EngageCRM and Conversation Engine.

As I’m sure you know, Engage is our game-changing follow-up system for nudging leads to contact YOU, ready to talk. You get more live conversations with less effort.

Until now, Engage usage has been measured in “Nudges”, the powerful and effective multi-channel messaging actions at the heart of the system. Nudges create increased response rates, more conversations, and more deals & commissions. And yet, members still get preoccupied with usage. “How many will I need?” “Will the system still work if I run out?” “What about overages?”

Even with generous usage plans, “Nudge Anxiety” has persisted. Some members avoid using Engage Call-Assist for their phone callbacks, which leaves the many benefits of tracking and call recordings on the table. Others alter their follow-up to conserve Nudges, often by removing steps from conversation sequences. These actions defeat the purpose of multi-channel follow-up and lower response rates.

As the digital marketing partner to Craig Proctor’s Coaching members, we see the significant investments you make in lead generation marketing, and your urgency to get appointments as quickly as possible. That’s why we built Engage – its one-two punch of assisted calling and autonomous messaging creates more conversations that lead to appointments and deals. Unfortunately, Nudge Anxiety holds some members back from leveraging the full power of the system.

Well, we’ve heard you. And now we’re doing something about it…


With Unlimited Calling, you now get unlimited use of Engage Call-Assist, with no restrictions on conversation status, call minutes, number of leads, or number of calls. (Fair Usage rules still apply.) Anytime you want to call, just click the button and go. All your follow-up can go through Engage, with every action tracked for you and your team to review. You now have NO EXCUSE for blocking and tackling your follow-up calls! This alone should make Craig and his coaches very happy. 😉

Then we have Unlimited Conversations. When a lead or past client wants to talk to you, counting Nudges is the last thing you should be worrying about. So now, you can get unlimited Nudges (including phone calls) while you’re in conversation with new and returning leads. Use all the power of Direct Calling, Call-Assist, and messaging Nudges to reply, share information and get an appointment. You can completely focus on continuing the conversation with actively engaged leads.

New and returning leads are expressing interest, either in response to an ad or by directly contacting you. When they’re actively engaged, the conversation is Unlimited! You can reply back and forth with any number of calls and Nudges to keep it going. As long as they keep talking, YOU can keep talking.

The conversation continues until you haven’t heard back from the lead for 14 days. The lead is no longer actively engaged, so it’s a better use of your time to move on than to chase them.

What if the conversation is over, but then the lead replies? No problem! Because they contacted you, they’re actively engaged again. A new conversation starts and the lead is back to Unlimited status.

Try BOTH out until April 30, 2020!

Until the end of April, Platinum members and all those on the Success Coaching Path can add BOTH Unlimited Calling & Unlimited Conversations to Engage. Contact your rep now and we’ll help you make the switch from your current Nudge plan.

Everyone gets Unlimited Calling. Coaching Path members get Unlimited Conversations for up to 100 New and Returning Leads per month (depending on your progression along our “Grow to 100 Leads” gameplan). Platinum members get 250 New and Returning Leads per month.

After April 30th, continue with Unlimited Conversations by default or let us know you want an Unlimited Calling plan. Or, you can keep BOTH with an upgrade to your monthly Success package.

If you’re not a Coaching Path member, don’t worry! For a limited time, you can choose to join (or re-join) the Path to get Unlimited Calling & Unlimited Conversations. Contact us for full details, but do it TODAY to take the best advantage of the trial period.

The End of “Nudge Anxiety”

Now every SuccessWebsite member has a fair shot at using Engage your way. No worries about running out of Nudges. No cutting corners with Action Plans. You can make your lead calls and do your follow-up exactly the way Craig teaches, with the added leverage of a system designed to get leads to respond.

Feedback? Questions? Get in touch.

We’re excited to see what YOU will do with your new Unlimited powers!

Committed to your Success,
Stephen Raitt

BONUS: A friendly note about “TOO MUCH”

The tremendous success of Engage is a result of creating an authentic messaging experience, effectively showing your personal interest. When people see you as friendly, responsive, and efficient, they’re much more likely to trust you and want a conversation.

With Unlimited Calling, we support Craig’s instruction that you should make every attempt to call your leads. But when it comes to messaging, you can easily undo trust by doing TOO MUCH. Unlimited Conversations doesn’t mean you drown people. There’s a fine line between “just enough” and “way too much”, and crossing it hurts your image and reputation. Trust our experience to help you stay on the right side of that line. Be direct, targeted, and personal with your communication.

Remember, Engage messaging is NOT an auto-responder. And it’s certainly not a “blaster”. Treating it that way is completely at odds with the purpose and spirit of Engage (and also not permitted in our Terms of Service). It also opens you up to consumer regulatory complaints and expensive legal action.

We’ll continue to share our expertise and monitor current member data to advise you on the best conversation strategies using Engage. Stay tuned.