3x Your Lead Responses with SuccessEngage

As we all know, follow-up is all about making actual contact with your leads. Without a conversation, it’s much harder to move them down the path to appointments and deals.

The faster you start that conversation, the more efficient your follow-up. You can sort leads into now or later business, drop the duds, and shorten your callback lists.

So, while outbound touches are important, you should also track inbound responses. This tells you how well you’re nudging leads to start the conversation from their end.

And once you’ve started, you can use phone, email, or text message to continue the conversation.

With this in mind, we looked at the call and text data across all our SuccessEngage users for an average month. (SuccessEngage is our automated follow-up system for connecting with leads via email, text and phone.)

Some agents are still skeptical about text messaging. We wanted to know whether adding text to the follow-up process gets more leads to respond.

The results blew us away.

First, we looked at Engage users who used the system for call-only follow-up. Inbound responses from leads averaged 1 for every 14 call touches.

BUT, for agents who combined calls and text messaging, the average ratio was 1 in 4! That’s more than 3x the response!

The clear message: You NEED to be texting your leads!

How to TRIPLE your Lead Response

SuccessEngage makes it easy, WITHOUT any extra time spent sending all those messages. How?

Set up automatic pre- and post-contact “Nudges” to compel a response. If you try calling and a lead doesn’t pick up, click one button and you’ll instantly send a follow-up text. You could also send a link to a hot new listing before a call, to refer to when you speak to them.

SuccessEngage - Create Nudges Example
Create pre- and post-contact Nudges to compel a response.

Nudges can give you 2-3 touches for every call attempt, with no extra work.

And as our data shows, these extra touches get 3x the response! You’ll qualify leads faster and maximize your appointments and deals.

Try it for yourself and see the difference. Contact your Success representative for a demonstration.