[Success Story] The Text Messaging Strategy To Reach More Leads

Have you ever scheduled an appointment solely through text messaging?

If you’re in the real estate lead generation game, you likely struggle with lead follow-up. It’s a common problem even for experienced agents.

Most agents don’t look forward to making follow-up calls. They’re often put-off, neglected, and just plain difficult to tackle.

Perhaps bad memories of cold calling and door knocking still haunt you? Even though you have valuable information to provide, you may feel like you’re pestering your prospects. The fear of rejection can be too much to bear – even knowing that the lead has provided their phone number to allow you to call them.


Edward Ward - SuccessWebsite

Edward Ward has experienced all of the ups and downs related to follow-up. His online campaigns and SuccessWebsite System have generated THOUSANDS of leads, and he’s getting a steady stream of listings. But he knows that he’s leaving money on the table. And his #1 pain is ….. MAKING THE CALLS!

Can You Really Reach More Leads With The Help Of A Text Message?

Let’s be clear: the phone is an excellent way to convert leads. For engaged contacts, nothing is more effective, apart from meeting face-to-face. You should make every attempt (and multiple attempts) to contact ALL leads by phone.

But what if they just won’t pick up?

In the past decade, there has been a strong shift towards text messaging as the preferred method of contact for many. Texting is convenient, less disruptive, and virtually impossible to ignore.

Take a look at the image below. It’s a real text conversation Edward recently had with one of his leads using the SuccessEngage follow-up system. Not only did he get a response, but an invitation to come and evaluate the home!

Schedule An Appointment With Text Messaging

This text conversation started after the initial call was made. But when the lead demonstrated a different preferred communication method, Edward was able to schedule the appointment completely via text.

When You Can’t Get Prospects on the Phone…….

After an unanswered phone call, a text follow-up is an effective way to establish a connection for the following reasons:

  • Voicemails and emails often get ignored. A text is short and quickly read through a smartphone notification.
  • Text messages are immediate and demand attention.
  • Text messages help your leads know who you are. They may be waiting for your call but don’t recognize your phone number.
  • Texting is a quick and easy way to respond!

Interested in trying out the SuccessEngage Follow-up System? 

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Here’s what Edward had to say about how the SuccessEngage system has helped reduce his #1 pain:

“The SuccessWebsite Follow-Up tools are fantastic! I was paying another company thousands of dollars a month for generating leads and sending them follow-up content that when the lead would try to click on the link, they would get an error message and ultimately unsubscribe because they weren’t getting what they wanted. I couldn’t justify the cost and the ROI just wasn’t there. With Success, not only am I paying a fraction of that cost to generate the same amount of leads, but their follow-up tools are getting me more business and their customer support has been fabulous in working with me to get the best results from our lead generation efforts.

With the new Engage system, I’m able to auto-dial my leads and get through more calls in less time. Plus, the text messaging tool is getting through to those leads that never pick up the phone. The tables have turned – I’m actually getting more leads to contact me! – Edward Ward

So Tell Me…

How are you using text messaging to follow-up with and convert your leads? Write it in the comment section below – let’s talk!