Agent Secrets: Create a follow-up workflow

Let’s face it: sometimes following-up with your leads is a chore. But communication is where you create business, so it has to be done regularly and consistently.

An effective way to do this is to create a workflow that you complete on a schedule. When you block time for follow-up, you can stay on top of every conversation more easily. And tasks don’t pile up, so completing your workflow takes minutes instead of hours.

You’ll develop your own workflow based on the needs of your team and business. But here’s a sample you can start with. We assume you’re using our EngageCRM system, but if not you can easily adapt it for your CRM.

  1. Log into your Command Center and review the lead counters along the top of your dashboard (these show your New Leads, Motivated Leads, All Active Leads, and Number of Calls/Appointments Due).
  2. Click the notification bell in the top right corner of the Command Center window to view your open notifications. Respond to any incoming messages ASAP.
  3. Review your Motivated Leads. Click the dashboard counter to open that segment in EngageCRM. Page through each to check their activity on the Conversation tab.
  4. Process motivated leads by making notes, assigning tags to track specific activities, assigning lead tasks to team members, calling leads back, etc.
  5. Review your New Leads. Click the dashboard counter to open that segment in EngageCRM.
  6. Call new leads back: select the list and click the Engage button to open Call-Assist. Call-Assist lets you review each lead’s activity before you make the next call.
  7. Record call outcomes and notes for each new lead. Schedule callbacks and appointments as necessary. Add tags, assign tasks, etc. as necessary.

The EngageCRM Calendar is also helpful for lead workflows. You can schedule call blocks for specific types of lead segments on the calendar. When the time comes, simply click the block to review those leads, or send them straight to Call-Assist. Every little bit of efficiency helps!

Schedule regular follow-up sessions and prioritize them!

Our team of digital marketing experts has 23+ years of experience designing effective follow-up strategies, plus technology you can leverage to get more conversations with less effort. To learn more, click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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