Agent Secrets: Understand the differences between Personalized and Mass Communication

When messaging your leads, you have a choice between Mass Communication (to all leads) and Personalized Communication (to specifically targeted lead segments). One is not necessarily better than the other. But each has specific uses, goals, and expected results you should know when making your choice.

First, let’s be clear that Mass Communication as your ONLY strategy will NOT be effective. We’ve talked before about the need for a targeted follow-up plan that addresses the specific needs and interests of your leads, based on what initially brought them to you. An email newsletter list you dump all leads onto will not generate much response or business. Mass-texting a new listing to all your contacts will create more complaints than conversations.

Mass Communication can be useful when you have a truly global announcement or offer. If you’ve added a significant new program to your business, like Guaranteed Sales or Automated Home Evaluations, you can consider sending out a large-scale announcement. Worthy cause marketing, like charity drives, is also suitable for getting the word out quickly to as many people as possible.

However, because you’re writing for all leads, the language you use has to be more generic. This makes it much more difficult to craft a compelling offer and call-to-action that drives responses. Too many generic messages also tend to “rewind” the trust you build with leads, especially if you’ve been using a lot of Personalized Communication up to that point. This may increase the number of “touches” needed to engage non-responsive leads.

If you truly believe a Mass Communication will generate responses, make sure you’re ready to handle them! Notify your team and have everyone ready to reply. Be sure you have time to take phone calls, especially if you’re sending out a mass text or including your phone number in an email.

Personalized Communication is the way to go for maximum response. With a small audience and detailed knowledge of their interests, you can draft specific messaging and powerful calls-to-action. Read more about this type of communication in our previous Agent Secrets posts on Conversational Marketing and follow-up plans.

[CP Success members please note: Our EngageCRM Conversation Engine is designed and intended for Personalized Communication. For Mass Communication via email, we provide an integration with Mailchimp. For more information, please contact your Success representative.]

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