Agent Secrets: Embrace Google Ads for Higher-Quality Leads with Intent

Google Advertising has been a staple media outlet for generating high-quality, high-return leads for realtors over the last two decades and continues to dominate the search engine game.

We’ve been running Google Ads campaigns for our real estate clients for over 20 years. These campaigns have generated leads that turned into active clients and closed millions of dollars in deals. We’ve also seen a lot of changes to Google Ads during that time. Automation and machine learning have changed the way we set up and manage campaigns. Adjusting to different devices and identifying audience segments and demographics have become a large part of the strategy.

One thing remains constant — Google Ads drive high-quality traffic to your website. Traffic from people who are actively searching for real estate in your marketplace.  For example, we now see large amounts of traffic from search terms like “find homes for sale near me,” especially from those searching from their mobile device. Google knows where they are and can show ads that fit exactly what they are looking for.

Successful search marketing needs a distinct set of skills for optimizing your ad targeting and keyword bidding. There is definitely a learning curve, and expensive mistakes are possible when you are not familiar with the Google Ads landscape. Even those who are experienced running Google campaigns for other businesses may have a hard time generating leads for real estate.

And without the proper conversion tracking, you could be missing out on crucial information that is necessary for optimizing your campaigns.

If you’ve tried Google Ads before with little success, it’s time to take a second look! Our team of digital marketing experts can help you choose a campaign, draft ad copy, dial in your audience targeting, and even set up powerful follow-up plans that get you more live conversations. Find out more on our Campaign Management Services info page or click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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