Agent Secrets: Why you need to track your leads

Tracking is probably the most basic recommendation we can make in any kind of marketing. Without knowing which campaigns are generating your leads, you can’t optimize your advertising. Under-performing ads suck up your ad budget and keep you from scaling up the ads that are working.

If you’re not already tracking your online campaigns, this alone should be enough to convince you. But there’s another fundamental reason it’s important. Knowing the source of a lead is crucial to your follow-up, because it tells you what the lead is interested in.

Whenever you’re planning a follow-up message, think carefully about who you should send it to. Keeping leads interested is the key to getting more replies and live conversations. The moment they feel you’re not sending them anything of personal interest, they’ll be gone.

When setting up your online campaigns, use descriptive tracking codes to remind you of the source and content of the ad. You can then use these codes to create segments of your leads list for specific lead interests, like real estate buyers and sellers. Update these segments regularly, and craft your follow-up messaging with those interests in mind.

For Success members, the video below will show you where to find your Lead Reports and review the progress of lead generation and follow-up.

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