Agent Secrets: How to get more valid phone numbers

Personal follow-up is important to getting more live conversations, and the most personal is via the phone. Most people have a mobile phone constantly within their reach. Understandably, they are very protective of their number and don’t give it out easily.

If your online lead generation ads try to capture a phone number, you’ve probably gotten many fake phone numbers. This usually happens when you’re offering follow-up via another channel, such as email. If they know you’re sending a response by email, they will choose to hide their phone number to protect their privacy.

This is a perfect reason to use a Text Message Marketing system, which provides automated follow-up via text message in response to keywords you specify. You’ve probably seen ads like this: “For more information, text INFO to 555-1234.” Text Message Marketing is ideal for all businesses that want to capture more valid phone numbers.

But there’s an added benefit — it can make your phone call follow-up more efficient! If you’ve got a large database, you may not have the resources to call everyone regularly. With Text Message Marketing, you can send a well-crafted text to segments of your list. Those leads who respond are identifying themselves as ready and willing to talk. Your phone call time will be much more efficient, and your conversations much more productive. (We recently profiled a Success member who used this exact strategy as part of doubling her business in 2021!)

If you’re using our EngageCRM with an active phone number, Text Message Marketing is INCLUDED! It’s fast, convenient, and has incredible read & response rates. Learn more on our Text Message Marketing info page.

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