Agent Secrets: Create a “Greased Slide” to capture more leads

One key factor in creating high-performing lead generation campaigns is congruity. Your ad should match the landing page in content and design. And your fulfillment of any promises in the ad and landing page should exactly match the lead’s expectations. If you do this right, the lead capture process should be like a “greased slide.” The ad catches their attention, the landing page explains more, and the call-to-action promises a related benefit, moving them effortlessly through the lead capture process.

If any of the parts don’t fit, potential leads will be confused, or they’ll get the impression that you don’t really care about them. Either way, they won’t move forward.

Once you’ve captured a lead and fulfilled your campaign promise, it’s not the end of the story. You still need to keep congruity in mind in all your future follow-up and communication. The lead contacted you for a reason. They have a specific problem in mind that they think you can solve for them. If your follow-up continues to speak to that problem, they will remain interested and more likely to respond. If it doesn’t, then they will disappear.

When creating ad campaigns, understand what prospects’ interest you’re speaking to. Then, keep that interest in mind whenever you follow-up with those leads. Use tracking and segmentation to personalize your messaging. You’ll create more live conversations that way.

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