Agent Secrets: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Craig Proctor’s Lead Generation SuccessWebsite (included for all CP Coaching members) gives you all the proven-effective content you need to capture quality leads. Your next step is to attract quality prospects by creating digital marketing campaigns that suit your marketplace.

Organic search (visitors to your website from a search engine) is always the best source of high-quality leads. Because the prospect found you through a search, they have more intent. And it seems like there are no costs involved. There are even free tools available to help you, such as Google Search Console.

However, organic traffic is NOT “free traffic.” SEO (optimizing your website to improve your position for search engine keywords) is very labor intensive. You’re competing with every other website out there, some of which have gradually built authority and strong search placements over years.

To rank for high-intent keywords, you must conduct detailed research to find opportunities, and produce lots of optimized content. There are no shortcuts, unless you want to expose your site to penalties or even outright bans for trying to “game” the search engines.

Not that there’s nothing you can do. One recommendation is to localize your campaign landing pages, adding your service areas to your proven Craig Proctor content. More specific search terms rank higher and are more easily found by local consumers. Posting regular blog content also increases your website authority.

But successful SEO is a long-term commitment that takes work and patience. And regardless of your effort, Google’s secret algorithms will ultimately decide the relative value of your website in search results.

Search Engine Marketing is an affordable alternative. Google Ads can make you visible for even the most common keywords, like “homes for sale” and “real estate.” And since the search intent is still there, the leads are as equally high-quality as organic search.

Successful search marketing needs a distinct set of skills for optimizing your ad targeting and keyword bidding. There is definitely a learning curve, and costly mistakes are possible. But it’s an effective way to attract traffic to your website nearly immediately, even if your website is brand new.

Ideally, you will find a balance of effort between long-term SEO and short-term SEM. But for fast lead generation, consider starting with search ads.

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