Agent Secrets: Your Options for Digital Lead Generation

When you’re ready to try paid online advertising services to attract leads, you have many options. Creating and deploying campaigns by yourself is a typical way to start — you know your market and goals best. But the different ad types, platform choices, and targeting options can quickly overwhelm even experienced agents.

You’ll need lots of time and effort to learn how to avoid expensive mistakes with the online ad platforms. (Negotiating the ad approval process can be especially tricky.) And do you have the time to manage everything and still follow-up with the leads?

Getting help is often the best way to proceed. Depending on the progression of your business, you can approach this in several ways:

  • An Assistant: No extra hiring cost, but they’re already busy with other work. They’re also probably not a digital marketing expert and will need supervision, especially if they don’t know real estate as well as you. They’ll need time to develop and adjust campaigns to attract quality traffic.
  • Full-Time In-House Marketing Specialist: Expensive to hire and difficult to keep. They know their stuff, but may not have specific experience with real estate.
  • “Black Box” Leads Company: Costs vary. They will fill your pipeline with leads, but you have no ability to tune their quality. And you have no insight into their methods, which could be dangerous for your online presence. This also makes follow-up less effective, since you may not know exactly where the leads came from and can’t speak directly to their issues. Should NOT be your only source of new leads.
  • Campaign Management Services: Monthly fees, but much more affordable. You get a dedicated online-certified real estate marketing specialist on your team. This is the BEST balance of speed, expertise, cost control, and lead quality.

The choice is yours. But if you know you need help, we’d be happy to explore the possibilities for your digital marketing and lead generation. Learn more on our Campaign Management Services info page. Or click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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