Agent Secrets: “Be everywhere” with Remarketing

Remarketing is showing digital ads to people who have previously visited your website. A remarketing “pixel” tracks website visitors and creates an “invisible audience” on Google and/or Facebook’s ad platforms. You can then target this audience with ads that speak more specifically to the purpose of their original visit.

Remarketing ads appear on Facebook and Google, and can also be shown on many partner websites. This gives you the appearance of being “everywhere,” increasing your brand awareness and influence. And because these ads have more focused targeting and content, they attract higher-quality responses. They’re also less expensive than “first-touch” ads.

If you think about it, regular lead follow-up is also a form of remarketing. For example, where a lead has requested a Hotlist of properties, you can continue to send updates on new properties. Each new update works like a “remarketing ad” to re-engage the lead. But be very careful how you do this. Remarketing messages must be relevant to the reason the lead first engaged with you, or they will lose interest and likely unsubscribe.

Remarketing of all types is easy to set up. Our team of digital marketing experts can add pixel code to your website and help you design ad campaigns and effective follow-up. Find out more on our Campaign Management Services info page or click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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