Do You Have Buyer Leads? Then You Have Buyers In Waiting! [VIDEO]

One of the most important items in your toolbox when on a listing presentation is your buyers in waiting list. After all, what do most Sellers want?  Buyers!!!

Nothing is more compelling to a seller than seeing a healthy stack of buyer leads, proof that you have buyers looking for a home just like theirs.

By now you should have a nice healthy list of buyer leads in the MyLeads database. In the MyLeads you will have all the crucial info like name, phone number email etc.  You may also have addresses, and/or  desired area for each buyer lead.

In the presentation below, we’ll show you how some of our members are leveraging their Buyers In Waiting program online.

You will also learn how easy it is to create your own Buyers in Waiting page and how to extract this report from the MyLeads so you can use it on your next Listing presentation.

Key Topics Discussed In This Lesson:

[2:34] What is the Buyers In Waiting Progam?

Buyers In Waiting

Learn how members like George Lorimer have developed their own Buyers In Waiting page and have bought domains like to drive traffic to it.

This page is proof positive that you have what the sellers want: Buyers!




[12:05] How To Customize Your Monthly Newsletter Page

real estate newsletter


Did you know that you have a Monthly Newsletter page that is updated every month in your SuccessWebsite? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, many of our members are not aware of this.

Every SuccessWebsite includes the Home MarketWatch Newsletter page, a page that is updated monthly with new content that can be shared with your audience.

And why not customize that page to include some video or better yet, your USP’s (Unique Selling Proposal)!

[16:48] How Some Real Estate Agents Are Using Radio Shows To Promote Their Buyers In Waiting Program

Carol Royse Has The BuyersMany of our clients use Radio to market their Buyers In Waiting program. Here is the landing page that Carol Royse directs her listeners to by promoting her domain name

This page has been customized for easy readability with clearly stated USPs, bullet points outlining the benefits of the program and various Call To Actions that lead the visitor to the next step: Contacting Carol for more information on the program!


[17:48] How To Download the Buyers In Waiting list from the MyLeads

MyLeads buyers In Waiting ListThe MyLeads CRM is where all of the leads end up and is essentially your list. In the MyLeads you can download a report of all the leads in your system, or a specific list of leads depending on the type of leads you are generating.  Whether you have 17 leads or 1700, it’s still a compelling report to prepare for and show during your listing presentation.