Start Retargeting Leads Today with these New EngageCRM Resources

EngageCRM and the Conversation Engine are game-changing tools for retargeting your leads. It turns leads that you can’t reach or who may be hesitant to answer your call into meaningful real estate conversations with your best prospects.

Whether you’re already using Engage or just curious about what it can do for you, I’d like to point you to some excellent information our team has put together…

1. New In-depth Video Training

Last week we recorded an in-depth webinar on using Engage to set up customized Action Plans, manage conversations, and keep your team on the same page with every lead.

Even if you’re not currently using Engage, this video is well worth your time so you can see the possibilities and adapt your current follow-up system…

2. Online Help

On top of the video training, we’ve added LOTS of how-to info into your Command Center’s Online Help system. Click the “Help” menu ( in the image below) to view articles for Engage and many other features of your Success platform.

SuccessWebsite Command Center image showing important highlights

3. Activating Engage

Not sure whether you’ve activated Engage? If it’s not yet active, the first top-menu item (at in the image) will say “MyLeads”. If it’s active, you’ll see “EngageCRM”. Note that many features of EngageCRM are available prior to activation, but your follow-up will be email only.

You can now self-activate EngageCRM and the Conversation Engine immediately without having to contact our Support team. Just click “MyLeads” , then click the blue Engage button to open the activation window. It’s just $25/month for your Engage phone number, and you can set your own usage cap to avoid overspending. Activating unleashes the full power of the Conversation Engine and included Craig Proctor Activity Plans.

Any other questions about Engage?

Check out our info website or contact us through our Support Portal at

Activate your Engage phone number TODAY and start getting your best prospects calling YOU!