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Agent Secrets: How EngageCRM helps Teams

In a previous Agent Secrets tip, we reviewed the basic CRM needs for real estate agents. If you’re still choosing a CRM, one option is our EngageCRM, which is included with the Craig Proctor Lead Generation website. Let’s review how EngageCRM can help if you’re managing a small or large real estate team.

Teams usually divide responsibilities for follow-up, but of course you want to make sure each member is working efficiently. EngageCRM provides lots of features for individual agents to schedule, make, and record conversations. (Read our recent post on how EngageCRM helps solo agents to learn about those.)

Organization is essential to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page with every lead. The most important first step is to assign a separate user profile to each team member. Each profile has its own permissions, so you can control which leads and other information users can see. Once these are set up, you’ll be able to assign leads to specific team members.

EngageCRM tracks complete conversation history and notes from all users in one place. Each team member can also get a separate virtual phone number, so individual phone calls are tracked. Teams can review recorded phone audio anytime to recall important details and perfect their phone conversation skills.

You can also delegate and track tasks with due dates and deadlines. Action Plans can help you do this automatically. For example, you could set up an Action Plan for listings which includes tasks like taking photos, posting to the MLS, scheduling open house dates, and more. When you get a new listing, simply copy and activate the Action Plan and all those tasks will be assigned to the appropriate team members (and they’ll get a notification).

Make sure you provide multiple channels for leads and clients to communicate however they’re most comfortable. EngageCRM connects to email, text messaging, phone calls, ringless voicemail, and Facebook Messenger, recording everything in the conversation history so important details are never lost. Having a single inbox for all channels also saves you time checking multiple places for new messages.

Leads expect a quick response. Our StayInContact multi-channel messenger lets everyone manage lead conversations from anywhere in the world, via web desktop or mobile apps for Apple and Android. StayInContact includes VOIP calling to the US and Canada, letting you get rid of third party calling services like RingCentral. This is ideal if you’re using overseas virtual assistants.

(By the way, StayInContact also works independently from EngageCRM, in case you choose a different system.)

For more information about EngageCRM and StayInContact, speak with your Success representative today for a demonstration, or click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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