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Agent Secrets: How EngageCRM helps Solo Agents

In a previous Agent Secrets tip, we reviewed the basic CRM needs for real estate agents. If you’re still choosing a CRM, one option is our EngageCRM, which is included with the Craig Proctor Lead Generation website. Let’s review how EngageCRM can help if you’re a solo agent.

As a solo, efficiency is key. It’s easy for phone follow-up to fall through the cracks when you’re handling all the other aspects of your business. But as we’ve said many times before, leads are useless without personal conversation. EngageCRM technology helps make calling faster and easier, so you’ll actually do it regularly.

Call-Assist helps you power through your calls. The auto-dialer saves precious time looking up phone numbers and email addresses, and it pauses after every successful call to let you update your notes. Pre-defined lead filters help you quickly review and manage specific groups of leads (such as new leads, leads you haven’t talked to yet, and more), and you can easily define your own filters as well.

Google calendar integration makes it easier to schedule callbacks and appointments alongside your other business activities. The calendar also features intelligent call blocking, so you can connect blocks to specific lead filters. For example, you can schedule a call block for all new leads in the past 7 days. When you sit down to make your calls, simply click the block and Call-Assist instantly loads with those exact leads. This saves you a ton of time getting started.

Recording your conversation history is extremely important. EngageCRM tracks complete history and notes and also records your phone calls. You can review the audio anytime to refresh your memory and perfect your phone conversation skills. Engage also includes Craig Proctor’s Universal Callback Script – you can read it right off the screen and easily record the answers to group leads by timing, motivation, and DISC personality type.

Leads are sometimes tricky to get on the phone, so EngageCRM also provides alternative messaging tools, like Text Message Marketing and Trusted Calling, to help you get more live conversations. If you’re on the go a lot, use our integrated StayInContact mobile apps to manage lead conversations while you’re out of the office.

Once your lead generation gathers steam, you can also use EngageCRM’s automated messaging tools to nurture leads until you can get them on the phone. Start with email drip campaigns for buyers and sellers, including one that sends a monthly link to your website’s regularly updated newsletter page.

When you’re ready for more advanced messaging, you can set up multiple Action Plans, customizable multi-channel sequences that can include email, text messaging, and ringless voicemail. When a lead replies to an Action Plan message, the system pauses the plan and turns the conversation over to you. We include a huge library of Action Plan templates to help you create your ideal follow-up campaign faster.

And EngageCRM is fully integrated with our HDX property display system, so you can easily include listing information and updates in your messaging.

As your lead flow increases, you’ll get even busier. It’s easy to get to a point where you think you have enough leads, and slow down on your follow-up. But then your pipeline dries up and lands you in future trouble. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle your initial phone follow-up, qualify your leads, and then refer the best ones to you. StayInContact is perfect if you’re using an overseas VA. It includes VOIP calling to the US and Canada from anywhere in the world, letting you get rid of third party calling services like RingCentral.

For more information about EngageCRM and StayInContact, speak with your Success representative today for a demonstration, or click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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