Agent Secrets: Make sure your CRM is working for you

We’ve talked before about how a Client Relationship Management system (CRM) can help you get and maintain more active conversations with your leads and clients. But not all CRMs are created equal. Some have comprehensive follow-up and collaboration tools, while others are simple databases.

To keep your lead data current, your CRM must fit your needs and be easy to use. Otherwise, you may eventually start avoiding it, and important conversations will slip through the cracks.

Typically, we find the best way to assess your necessary CRM features is to categorize them by the size of your team. These build on each other as your business grows, so read through each section to get a sense of how they fit together.


(You work by yourself, possibly with an assistant to handle office matters.)

You have a lot on your plate, so efficiency is key. Telephone follow-up will go faster and easier if you make use of filters and segments to easily find and focus on specific groups of leads. A phone dialer will also help you power through your calls. Calendar integration can help you track callbacks and appointments, and block time for making calls.

Callbacks are important, but also consider how your CRM helps you implement a good follow-up plan to nurture leads until you can get them on the phone. At minimum, you’ll want some sort of email drip campaign, but many CRM systems now include text messaging and ringless voicemail. Be careful not to invest too much into automation – phone call follow-up should always be your priority.

You’ll want to make sure your CRM tracks complete conversation history and notes, so you don’t have to rely on your memory when a lead contacts you.

Messaging tools can also help you keep up with new and recent leads while you’re out of the office. Does your CRM offer a mobile app to review and record conversation activities on the go?

Small Teams

(You have 1-2 ISAs/OSAs and/or Virtual Assistants to handle follow-up.)

With more team members regularly accessing leads, your CRM should offer multiple user profiles and permissions to control who can see what. Complete conversation history becomes even more important with multiple team members.

Having a team means you’re likely running more advanced lead generation campaigns. Your automated follow-up can be more advanced too, with separate Action Plans for specific types of leads. Targeted follow-up is much more effective at generating replies and conversations.

Large Teams

(You have an office manager and multiple ISAs/OSAs/VAs.)

More people means more organization is necessary. Can your office manager assign leads and tasks to specific team members and track follow-up? If you’re using overseas VAs, do you have a phone system set up to track (and possibly record) their calls?

A larger business should also offer multiple communication channels to encourage leads to respond with their preferred contact methods. You’ll minimize checking multiple inboxes if your CRM features multi-channel integrations and messaging tools.

You may also be diversifying your lead sources. Does your CRM integrate with them all to record leads without manually transferring them from one system to another?

Consider EngageCRM and StayInContact

While you’re considering CRM features, a gentle reminder that our EngageCRM is INCLUDED with your Craig Proctor Lead Generation website. Built for all sizes of business, it has nearly all the features mentioned above available by default. And you can enable Call-Assist, phone call audio recordings, and multi-channel Action Plan automations by activating a virtual phone number.

In separate posts, we describe how EngageCRM helps solo agents and small/large real estate teams. Check those out for more detail.

For managing live conversations on the go, including VOIP Calling from anywhere in the world, check out our StayInContact multi-channel messenger, which works in tandem with EngageCRM or as a stand-alone conversation manager.

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