Agent Secrets: Increase conversations with technology

Previously, we’ve talked about Conversational Marketing and the need to provide multiple communication channels for your leads. We left off with the challenge of tracking and maintaining conversations across multiple channels. If you don’t reply efficiently to lead responses, you may miss your opportunity to open a dialogue with them.

Technology is a key element here. A Client Relationship Management system like our EngageCRM is essential to tracking and recording your conversation activity with leads. Use tracking codes and tags to identify and segment leads by interest, then target your follow-up messaging to those interests.

Look for a CRM that integrates with multiple channels. EngageCRM connects to phone calling, text messaging, ringless voicemail, Gmail, and Facebook Messenger, allowing you to follow-up with each lead via their preferred channel.

Also look for multi-channel automated follow-up tools. The EngageCRM Conversation Engine lets you set up multi-channel conversation sequences across every channel, nudging leads to respond. When they do, these automated Action Plans pause and hand the conversation over to you for even more personalized response.

Finally, make sure your CRM and follow-up systems can handle collaboration between multiple team members. EngageCRM records conversation and website activity for every lead, giving you a complete history of all interactions in one place. You can assign tasks to team members and track their completion, and everyone can record and review notes.

Whichever CRM you choose, with a properly maintained database you’ll maximize your time by cherry-picking your most qualified leads for follow-up via phone, text, email, and chat.

Our team of digital marketing experts has 23+ years of experience designing effective follow-up strategies, plus technology you can leverage to get more conversations with less effort. To learn more, click the green button below to get started with a free marketing assessment.

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